The Off-to-College Guide for Parents and Students | Honest advice for parents and students, for every step of the college journey.
The Off-to-College Guide for Parents and Students | Honest advice for parents and students, for every step of the college journey.

Reader Reviews

I found I’ll Miss You Too helpful, witty, and very down-to-earth about how parents and students can face this change with humor and courage… I am holding a Class of 2015 parent send-off and will be giving all of them a copy of this book. My seniors are certainly in the spotlight, but many of their parents need to celebrate their accomplishment of getting their student to graduation as well. I believe many of them will find the book helpful and (I hope) a source of reason…while making the transition to college.
Keo Oura Kounlavong-Sabath
Director of College Counseling at Harrisburg Academy

Everything in your book hit home; it’s as if you read my mind. Your words were very comforting. This is the most honest presentation of the “going off to college” situation that I have come across. Your book is a must read for all parents and students facing this next stage in life.
– Susan K.

What a wonderful book. My son is in his second year at college and his departure has hit me worse this year than his freshman year. Go figure! Your book was quite helpful in letting me know I was “normal.” I love him so much and miss him, especially as a single parent. Thanks for making things more bearable.

Margo and Steffany, THANK YOU! Mom, you got inside my head and expressed every concern, issue and feeling that I’ve been experiencing these past two years since my daughter left for college. I bought her a copy and asked her to read it so she will better understand what’s going on in my head and heart. Hopefully, it will open the door to better communication between the two of us. Our local bookstore is selling copies as soon as they come in. Bless you both!
-P. S.

We live in Florida and our daughter, our only child, is leaving for the University in late August. As I read your book, I cried many times since what you described was, and is, the feelings, concerns, and worries that we are experiencing as the day when she leaves grows near. Your book is helping us cope with this fundamental change that is soon coming to our family. Thanks!!
-John F.

This book is unique! Poignant and fun, it opens positive discussion and planning between students and parents. It is a great resource designed for the emotional transition to college.
Jeff Stahlman
Director of college counseling, New Albany High School Columbus, OH

I cannot find a book that addresses significant and germane transitional issues as adeptly, cogently, honestly and sincerely as this presentation.
Jim Bixby
Former Dean of Student Services, Lincoln College, IL.

As both parent and educator, I highly recommend this book. My own daughter recently made the transition from high school to college, and the advice certainly eased the process for us both. It provides helpful tips on how to cope with the inevitable emotional ups and downs. I am grateful to the authors for taking their experiences to heart and sharing them with others.
Susan Thurman, Ph.D.
Assoc. Editor and Scholarship Chair, The National Society of High School Scholars

This is a unique and fresh approach to dealing with very real college anxieties and family communication issues. The differing perspectives of student and parent are eye-opening and informative. A great book for families to read together throughout the college years.
Thomas E. McManus
Director of College Counseling, Tatnall School, Delaware

I’ll Miss You Too

The Off-to-College Guide for Parents and Students
By Margo E. Bane Woodacre and Steffany Bane Carey